Andrea Candian Organic Pure Care CEO

People learning from people

I come from a family that is deeply rooted in the world of Beauty and all that is beautiful. My grandfather had his own salon where he worked and trained his two children. I spent my childhood learning to recognize the signs of mastery and professionalism that leave their mark on people. Only after having worked as a businessman in a variety of fields did I decide to return to that knowledge and those experiences which had been part of my upbringing.


So I began my “training” starting from my studies of science and the part that I was most passionate about: the analysis of products and their ingredients. I studied ingredient after ingredient, discovering the endless properties of various natural active ingredients and, with the help of high specialized laboratory technicians, I was able to produce the products I had imagined.


My intention was not only to market natural products, but to create superior products that would highlight the craftsmanship that I had come into contact with at my Grandfather’s salon.


People learn from other people, from the experiences of others and their passions.

This is that model which has shaped my outlook. This is the model that I would like to bring back: bringing People with a sole professional objective together who strive for excellence and grow each day through their authentic passion for what is beautiful and true.


Okexperience operates and grows with the same spirit of a Family Company, embracing everyone and recognizing the value of each specific role. In this way everyone acquires the most advanced tools needed in order to grow and implement services that help reach our common goal.


It is my wish to maintain that family – personal – identity based on continual relationships between people, partners, distributors, instructors and technicians, where everyone is oriented towards the same vision that places man and nature at the center of the equation with respect, an exchange of ideas and ethical growth.


Facing the laws of the market established by the big brands does not mean that you have to sacrifice your own values, you just have to change language. To find a lasting place in the world of beauty and natural cosmetics, you need more than a green slogan. It is essential to be humble, motivated by a deep passion and to invest in research continually, but most importantly you must share all of this with everyone who is part of our project.


This approach means that there is a different way of doing business that is no longer just about the product, but requires the on-going relationship with instructors and technicians able to obtain the most from the product giving added value and a professionalism that is more and more specialized and informed.


Style, technique and product must all be part of a united coherent vision that must be passed from person to person, just as artistic knowledge was passed on from maestro to student in the past. This is the foundation of our training approach which is based, above all, on the transmission of knowledge and artistic excellence. This is why we focus on important training moments like Okexperience. Training each partner or associate is how the highest level of performance and best service can be given to the end consumer.

The motivation which animates our relations with our partners is an affinity of intentions: the same ethical vision and the sharing of common values. This enables us to avoid using persuasive techniques and helps us communicate truthfully.


Okexperience is our crown jewel, the nectar of our company’s entire philosophy, an annual event that brings together all those who work with us and for us in a unifying moment growth. It is the true test where we lay down all our cards, from technical training to the final expression of our work, the fashion show and laboratories. These shared experiences become a way for this close-knit group of people who want to grow professionally to participate in an event surrounded by Italian beauty, art, encountering people from countries and cultures around the world.